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Before the Web, information was scarce. People were looking for entertainment and valuable objects in the physical world. Music was coming out of vinyl records, autographs were signed on real paper, collectible stickers could be stuck on the wall, sports memorabilia smelled like sweat and dust. Value came from ownership and scarcity.

Nowadays, fun is digital and we are flooded with information. Most online content is free and shareable. We want digital assets, products and services and expect fast, frictionless, mobile management of them. Collecting is a strong uptrend in the physical world. The market is ripe for digital collectibles, but it is lacking a notion of digital scarcity.

Enter UNICO. We create provable digital scarcity by linking a piece of digital content to a fixed number of access tokens that we issue on the EOS blockchain. In this way we can turn premium digital content (images, videos, 3D models, immersive AR/VR tours, games, …) into limited-edition, blockchain-certified collectibles.


The most valuable collectibles are not just rare, they are unique! Suppose you bring your favourite Eminem vinyl record to a concert, and you get Eminem to write on it: “To my friend John Smith, met at Cincinnati concert on 10/12/2017”. Eminem has certified that you were at his concert, so your collectible has increased in value. UNICO has created a similar authentication protocol for digital collectibles. We call it ME, HERE and NOW (MHN), or Proof of Attendance.


Artists, musicians, project leaders, emerging performers, etc, can reward their most loyal fans with a limited-edition product which will last forever, as long as the EOS blockchain is live.

Supporters can purchase and trade valuable collectibles in the frictionless, highly secure EOS ecosystem.

Core Team

Claudio Parrinello

Claudio Parrinello

Serial entrepreneur, former research physicist, consultant and manager @CERN, Geneva.

Ivan D'Ettorre

Ivan D’Ettorre

Serial entrepreneur (3 startups), consultant, engineer, IOT and marketing expert.

Stefano Di Lecce

Stefano Di Lecce

Serial entrepreneur & marketing expert, former IT consultant @ Bain&Co, Deloitte, Ernst&Young, etc

Massimo Barberi

Massimo Barberi
Business Developer

Entrepreneur, retail commerce expert.

Anthony Vipond
Blockchain Architect

Full stack Web and Blockchain Developer.

Roberto Falzone

Roberto Falzone
Solution Architect

Senior Developer, engineer, Mobile, embedded and web expert.

Antonio Usbergo

Antonio Usbergo
Art Director

Experienced VideoMaker & Entrepreneur.

Valerio Pescatore
Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing & Web Specialist

Imma Di Lecce

Imma Di Lecce
Business Developer

Key Account Manager in charge of business development in the Milan area.

Paola Tassini

Paola Tassini
Account Manager

Epigraphist and teacher, liasing with museums and educational institutions.

Maria Giovanna Fucci

Maria Giovanna Fucci
Administrative officer.

Administration and accounting operations.

Alessandro Meo
Community Management

Professional cryptocurrency trader, graduating in Law


Zenel Batagelj
Crypto Strategy

Corporate guy, true believer in distributed (blockchain) economy and disruptive power of smart-contracts.

Syed Jafri
EOS Strategy

EOS Cafe Calgary’s primary full-stack software developer. Leads the development of their dApp portfolio.

Koen Lukas Hartog
Blockchain Projects Expert

Project Manager, very experienced in Blockchain Projects for Governmental Organizations

Arturo Frixa

Arturo Frixa
Strategy and Market Planning

Experienced General Manager highly skilled in Marketing Management and Advertising.

Nicola Terrenato

Nicola Terrenato
Heritage & Art Projects

Archaeologist and expert in 3D models.

Mirko Falleri

Mirko Falleri
Institutional partnerships

Direct marketing & relations with institutional partners.




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