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Before the Web, information was scarce. People were looking for entertainment and valuable objects in the physical world. Music was coming out of vinyl records, autographs were signed on real paper, collectible stickers could be stuck on the wall, sports memorabilia smelled like sweat and dust. Value came from ownership and scarcity.

Fun is digital and we are flooded with information. Most online content is free and shareable. We like digital assets, products and services and expect fast, frictionless, mobile management of them. Collecting is a strong uptrend and digital collectibles are hot, but the market lacks a wide choice of cool content.

Enter UNICO. We enable digital content creators worldwide to turn their work (images, videos, 3D models, immersive AR/VR tours, games, …) into limited-edition, blockchain-certified collectibles and monetize them. We achieve this by linking each piece of digital content to a fixed number of license tokens issued on the EOS blockchain.


Purchase, enjoy and trade valuable collectibles in the highly secure EOS ecosystem. And if you attend selected events, you can get a very special Proof of Attendance mark on your UNICO collectible, which makes it even more rare and valuable. This special UNICO feature is the digital analogue of getting a stamp or an autograph on a physical collectible (ME, HERE, NOW protocol).



Artists, musicians, celebrities, project leaders, emerging performers, etc, can now turn their digital creations into limited-edition collectibles for their fans. Digital collectibles are a new way to monetize creativity and reward project supporters, generating instant revenues and helping communities grow faster.


We offer a Licensing as a Service solution to track legitimate usage of stock images, videos, etc. When selling e.g. a stock photo, we issue a tokenized license granting the right to use the photo in a specific context, e.g. on a website. License owners (bloggers, etc.) can prove via a blockchain-based record that they are lawfully using stock content.


Our platform can be released in White Label mode. Our turnkey solution yields a great opportunity for strong digital market players (music majors, sports teams, etc.) to enter the booming collectibles market fast, under their own brand, and position themselves at the leading edge of digital innovation.


We can issue and sell blockchain-certified e-tickets for any event. As the e-ticket stays on the blockchain after the event, it becomes a digital collectible. In addition, our proprietary ME, HERE and NOW (MHN) protocol can put a “stamp” on the e-ticket if the owner physically attends an event. A MHN stamp obviously increases the rarity and value of the underlying collectible.


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